The Designer’s Drugs: The VD Rorschach!

Medium: Album

Stimulus: The VD Rorschach!


As befitting my slothful tendencies, this Valentine’s Day sees me gifting the lot of you with whatever’s close to hand.  In this case, I’m clearing out some of the entries in my To Review list that have escaped notice until now.  To recap the rules: I flip through an album and immediately write a sentence or two in reaction.  At the end I declare a winner.  Let’s go!


Tom Jones – Praise and Blame: TJ gets bluesy and Jesusy, and it’s utterly magnificent.


American Hi-fi – Fight the Frequency: Isn’t trust fund pop rock the Frequency?  And if so, is American Hi-fi fighting itself?


Combichrist – Making Monsters: A really intense and catchy Razed in Black electrogoth vibe that suffers any time one of these would-be Gimps opens his mouth.  A lesson to live by: if you’re going spooky, take a poetry class whose final doesn’t involve jacking off on a bed of black roses and broken glass.


Electric Six – Zodiac: Electric Six has always been the sort of band I’d imagine Bruce Campbell fronting.  As such, Zodiac is more wacky Bruce Campbell rock that would be called by the numbers if the music wasn’t so diverse.  I did appreciate the lines: “You can’t go blind blowing your load, and that’s why God’s a liar,” as well as “It ain’t punk rock till the punk rockers say it’s punk rock.”  And anyone who writes a love song for himself has my approval.


Interpol: Here, Interpol seems to be much less impressed by being Interpol (at least there are no titles on this disc as asinine as “No I in Threesome”), and as such I don’t feel the need to punch the band members in the nuts as I have in the past.  The low-key doom and gloom really works this time.


The New Czars – Doomsday Revolution: A collection of synth-tinged chord-heavy metal tunes that would work as a pro wrestler’s entrance theme.  A weird jazzy instrumental titled “Funky Detour” is as neat as it is wholly unexpected – and, appropriately, it’s followed up by an equally weird instrumental closer titled “Crotch Critters.”


Pearl – Little Immaculate White Fox: Meat Loaf’s daughter made a slick and furious throwback album that reminds me of the chick hair metal bands of the 80s – and sometimes, for some reason, the band from the Wayne’s World movie.


Zeromancer – The Death of Romance: See: Combichrist, black roses, broken glass, jacking off.


The Winner: Tom Jones by a landslide.  Seriously, what did you expect?


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