The Designer’s Drugs: The Jezabels – Dark Storm

Medium: Album

Stimulus: The Jezabels – Dark Storm

Anno: 2010


It’s clear from the first moments of this disc, in which a single guitar string riffs into a female vocalist gasping about being raped of sleep and other such contrived sentiments, that the Jezabels don’t aim to break new ground on Dark Storm. With a mixture of the dark stripe of 80s chick rock, low-end piano thrown in for menace, and a singer who sounds alternately like Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush, the total atmosphere of these five tracks is of a woman writing on silk sheets before climbing onto her rooftop and staring pensively out over the city during a rainstorm.

That said, if the Jezabels sounds like other acts, it sounds really good doing it.  “A Little Piece” leads the pack with speed and force, a rushing waltz in which the album’s dreary excitement is at its zenith.  “Mace Spray” is one of the better tracks: a little weak in the verse, but bearing a haunting introduction which creeps into explosions.

Yes, all of this has been heard before, but if you’re of a certain persuasion, Dark Storm might be a welcome return to familiar territory.

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