The Designer’s Drugs: And the Wiremen


Medium: Album

Stimulus: And the Wiremen

Anno: 2010


And the Wiremen offers a jazzy stripe of down-tempo rock, bearing some distinctively low-key British sensibilities. There are some weird moments on the album which don’t totally fit with the general theme; the eventual swagger of “Rayuela” is found after enduring some whispered rapping in Spanish, which is kind of creepy and awkward.  By and large, however, And the Wiremen play things very cool, in its best form during the rainy day noir of “Before He Gave Up the Ghost,” which is half jazz instrumental.  The slow build works so well that when the final track, “Lines,” suddenly kicks up the speed, it becomes more exciting than if it had been randomly inserted elsewhere.  It’s a nice swerve end to an album custom-made for constructive gloom.

1 Comment

  1. I heard “Before He Gave Up the Ghost” on a local station, Altrok. I am in love with the song. So moody and sensual. “Rainy day noir” is a perfect description of the song.

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