The Designer’s Drugs: Paul Manousos – C’mon C’mon

C'mon C'mon

Medium: Album

Stimulus: Paul Manousos – C’mon Cmon

Anno: 2010

There’s an old school blues rock vibe which runs throughout C’mon C’mon which at times is either to its benefit or detriment. In a song like “Getting Better,” the punchy, upbeat rhythms and Manousos’ juke joint wails combine in a way that comes off as a little too smug and self-consciously cool. When he brings things down in songs like “Outside of Town” and “Kindly Said,” Manousos sounds more natural in tone. He’s more in this frame of mind than not, though there are a few hipster songs on the album which are grating.

There’s a nice stretch of tunes at the end of C’mon C’mon in which Manousos really opens up his talents. “Big Walls” is probably the album’s best song, a bluesy piano song in which he quietly muses on street-level revolution. Following this is a pair of songs which take up a panoramic scope and really draw in the listener: “Wichita Lineman” and “Getting Out.” Only when the final song, “Long Long Way Back Home” abruptly swerves back to power rock is the mood broken.

Beyond a few tracks in which he tries a bit too hard, Manousos has crafted a fine piece of work.

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